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TechPods helps companies of all sizes access an abundant pool of tech talent in Bulgaria via two transparent models. Our sustainable, long-term approach is based on Co-sourcing, not outsourcing, meaning we share a vested interest in the outcome of the collaboration with our clients.

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Rapidly set-up a
dedicated team

The TechPods Dedicated Team model enables you to efficiently build your own exclusive engineering team from scratch. Our transparent approach gives you full control of the hiring process, the costs, and your team’s daily workload.

  • Mitigate risk as we share a vested interest
  • Sustainable, long-term collaboration
  • Reduce costs by up to 50%

Immediately deploy
devs on demand

Designed for peaks in tech resource requirements, the TechPods Devs On Demand model gives you access to an agile engineering team, helping companies kick-start or complete projects with no no long term commitments.

  • Access Specialists from junior to senior level
  • Wide range of varied tech skill sets
  • Ideal for short-term commitment < 6 months

What you get:

Full control of your software engineering functions
Real-time and authentic knowledge about performance
Retain and leverage corporate knowledge within the organisation
Top tier office & infrastructure


Active technology skill-sets available via the TechPods Dedicated Team and Devs On Demand models:


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Angular.js, Next.js, Vue.js


Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, .NET, Go, Ruby, Scala, Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Golang, Rust, Nest.js


Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), React Native, Flutter (Dart), Cordova, Ionic


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Gradle, Puppet, Chef, Ansible

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