The Techpods Model

techpods —-node npm The Techpods Model

The TechPods model is a strategic solution to the increasing challenges that companies are faced with on a daily basis, from IT skills shortages to increasing IT development costs.

Mirrored recruitment methods: At TechPods, we strongly disagree with shoe-horning unqualified people into roles or having subcontractors on standby. We directly headhunt engineers and recruit them following your existing internal onboarding procedures, ensuring that your remote development team is recruited in the same way as your in-house team. We administer the same tech tests as you would internally and conduct the same amount of interviews (involving your recruitment team along the way).

Induction period: Once hired, your engineers will visit your offices for a week for a full induction. This allows them to adapt to your company culture, meet the rest of the team, and maybe even grab some branded swag.

Seamless integration: Your remote engineers in Sofia will easily integrate with your in-house team as they work together on a daily basis, attend daily stand-ups and even attend regular team building events. You are responsible for managing your remote team’s daily workload with no middle management to hinder your progress.

TechPods administration: TechPods manages HR, Payroll, Social Packages, Facilities, Office Space, Legals and all of the tedious administrative tasks in the background of any business. We co-organise performance reviews, probations, salaries, bonuses to ensure your engineers’ career progress stays on the right track.