The Techpods Model

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Dedicated Team

- Utilise our Dedicated Team model to access abundant pool of IT-development talent Mirrored recruitment methods ensure we place the right person for each role

- Local brand awareness as we recruit in your name

- Build your Sofia-based team or “Eastern European office”

- Directly manage your team’s daily workload

- Team members adapt to your company culture as opposed to TechPods

- Fully branded, exclusive workspaces >10

- Limited liability with 90-day rolling notice period

- Costs up to 50% less than sourcing internally or using local contractors

- Optional BOT available

Devs OnDemand

- Immediate access to versatile IT dev team

- Short to long term engagements

- Peaks in software engineering resource requirements

- Varied technology skill sets ranging from junior to senior level

- PHP, Python, Node.js, TypeScript, Java, .NET Ruby, Angular, React, UX/UI, React Native, iOS, Android, QA